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Coral IPx telephony communications systems are robust IP solutions offering
Unified Communications, SIP trunk support, and a wealth of telephony features.
Available in modular units providing increasing capacities, they ensure your
communications system grows along with your business. For large, missioncritical
applications a powerful disaster recovery system is available offering
fault tolerance, hot standby, and duplicate power supply.

Coral IPx

System Highlights
- Hundreds of telephony features and applications
- Provides built in voice/data convergence
- High traffic capacity (up to 250,000 BHCA)
- Proven Tadiran quality and reliability
- Supports IP, digital, analog, DECT, and wireless devices
- PC-based GUI administration
- Network and fault managment tool
- Networking with Tadiran's Sea Softswitch and UCx systems
- Integration with standard third party billing systems
- QSIG over PRI and IP (IPNET) for networking between hundreds of sites


Features & Capabilities
- Unified Communications — Coral Navigator UC client that includes Presence, Instant Messaging, as well as a multitude of telephony features (optional)
- Mobility — powerful features allowing users to use their cell phones as extensions of their office
- Conferencing — secure large multi-party and meet-me conference facilities
- Voicemail —integrated Unified Messaging module that includes extensive Auto Attendant capabilities and extended call recording time
- Terminal Support — Coral IPx systems support a wide range of analog, digital, and IP (SIP and MGCP) terminals, as well as third party SIP devices, softphones, and video phones.
- SIP Connectivity — Coral IPx systems support SIP trunks and gateways
- Third Party Applications compatibility — including with MS Lync/OCS and Exchange 2007 integration
- Open Standards — Coral IPx systems support CSTA, SIP, and MGCP protocols

Coral IPx Communication Platforms
The Coral IPx series, which includes the 500, 800, 3000, and 4000 models can be expanded to meet every
business need. Businesses of all sizes can custom tailor their communications needs in terms of interfaces,
port capacity, and duplication and hot standby requirements. Small to mid-sized businesses enjoy all the
power of a full-sized Coral server in a compact platform, mid-sized businesses and branch offices larger
port capacities, and large sized organizations with mission-critical requirements benefit from Coral's carrier
grade reliability and optional hot standby, fault tolerance, and dual control redundancy.
- Port Capacity — ranging from just a few dozen to 6000 endpoints
- Interfaces — including E1, T1, PRI, IP
- Redundancy — including single, dual control, and hot standby
- Power Supply — including AC, DC and duplicated DC

Coral IPx Solutions
- Mobility — While FlexiCall integrates your desk phone and mobile number allowing you to be reached anywhere, at any time, Freedom allows you to use your mobile phone to connect to the Coral. Once connected, you can make calls from within the system and activate features as if you were in the office. A Callback variation is also available where the system calls you back at a predefined IRSS number.
- FlexAttendant — Tadiran's powerful Attendant Console for complete Computerized Telephony Integration (CTI), providing a real-time status snapshot of all phones in your organization.
- Composit Contact Center — Comprehensive professional grade multi-media Contact Center solution.
- Composit Contact Pro — Working in conjunction with Coral's built-in ACD, Composit is designed to achieve business optimization of call center activity. It provides real-time information for tracking agents, calls, and other activities, facilitating rapid response to the dynamic call center. It includes extended customization and report generation capabilities, sophisticated administration tools, and the ability to access data from CRM systems or other databases.
- Call Logging — Integration with 3rd party voice and screen logging system for total, selective, and ondemand real-time call recording and monitoring according to numerous parameters, including agent status, ID, ANI, time, and dialed number.
- CTIx — A programming interface definition that provides applications access to a set of standard call control services. The CTIx API is used for producing customized CTI applications for specific enterprise requirements.
- Third Party — Coral supports many third party terminals, trunks, and gateways.
- SIP Phone Auto-Provisioning Tool — supports Tadiran T300 Series and P-Series IP phones.

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